Public spaces acoustic comfort

Acoustic Comfort in Public Spaces

With Feltkütur's Solutions

The importance of acoustic comfort in public spaces, such as libraries, waiting areas, and cafeterias, cannot be underestimated. These places serve as meeting points for relaxation, study, or collaborative work, and the quality of acoustics significantly influences the user experience. To meet these needs, the Feltkütur collection offers a range of products designed to improve acoustic strategies in various environments.

The Tekboard Studio from the Feltkütur collection stands out with its excellent sound absorption capacity. Its panels are specifically designed to efficiently reduce unwanted noise, thus creating a peaceful and focused atmosphere. Whether you find yourself in a bustling office, a lively restaurant, or a dynamic classroom, the Tekboard Studio contributes to improved acoustics, promoting productivity, concentration, and user satisfaction.

Open spaces, often characterized by open ceilings without suspended elements, offer a sense of freedom but are prone to a common issue: the drumming effect. This unpleasant phenomenon results from sound wave reverberation caused by cavities within the structure. It is essential to minimize these empty spaces to enhance overall acoustics.

Feltkütur's acoustic baffles play a crucial role in filling these empty spaces. In addition to their sound absorption function, they add a visual dimension to the environment. For instance, the Cassiope model distinguishes itself with its elegance and beauty. Compact and ideal for placement above meeting tables, in restaurants, or collaborative spaces, its circular shape creates intimacy, thus improving the customer experience while enhancing acoustics.

On the other hand, the Andromeda acoustic baffle features a decorative zigzag pattern, adding a touch of creativity and uniqueness to the space. These zigzag lines will integrate beautifully wherever you choose to suspend them, elevating interior design and enriching the environment.


In an open office environment, where noise can be a source of distraction and reduced productivity, acoustic booths are highly useful. They offer a soundproof space for phone calls, meetings, and focused work. The flexible and mobile acoustic booths from our partner KUBICULE can be easily reconfigured to adapt to the changing needs of the workspace.


Acoustics play a fundamental role in creating pleasant and functional public spaces. The Feltkütur collection, with its innovative products, contributes to improved acoustics while adding an aesthetic touch, thus creating peaceful, focused, and satisfying environments for users.