Panels felt Tekboard


Tekboard is a superior quality acoustical panel. This felt is a composite with a honeycomb core that is combined in a sandwich form with Düotex:

  • Amplifies the acoustical properties
  • Lightweight alternative to heavy solid materials
  • Ideal for baffle systems
  • Ideal for wall partitions
  • Ideal for phone booth applications
  • Available thicknesses : Between 1 inches and 3 inches (see table below for all available thicknesses)
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Available in 2 versions: Isolation properties (STC) or absorption properties (NRC)
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Fire rated (Felt only): ASTM E-84
  • Panel size: 1,24m x 2,46m (±10%) - 48,8" x 96,8" (±10%)


Preparation guide

Feltkütur products can be applied directly on walls, with or without air gap depending of your needs, be suspended from the ceiling horizontally or vertically and be used as a structural panel. 

   View Preparation guide for Feltkütur products



Spec Sheet

Acoustical properties

Tekboard laminated with particle board surface and Ünitex or Düotex provides excellent sound transmission properties (STC).

Tekboard laminated with only the Ünitex or Düotex amplifies the sound absorption properties (NRC) due to its honeycomb structure.

Absorption-coefficient-spectrum-Tekboard-ENG- 2017-10-13_