Acoustical Baffle System Andromeda

Acoustical Baffle System


Our new acoustical baffle system, Andromeda, from the new Constellation collection by Feltkütur, is now available.

The design of this baffle system consist of chevron, which is a decorative motif in the shape of a V, or as we usually call it, the zig zag. It is a very interesting decorative line if you want to have a creative and unique interior design. The zig zag design will be beautiful wherever you decide to hang it. This decorative pattern may seem a bit odd at first, but if you are looking for originality, this gives you a unique design.


The marriage of our grey Fermont and our green Sainte-Marie gives a cocooning atmosphere to your interior. You will not regret this choice: it awakens a room without making it eccentric. The green Sainte-Marie will energize your room.


The irregular cavities of the Andromeda ceiling baffle system are more “damping” compared to the regular geometric cavities. The dissipation of acoustic energy from irregular cavities is not only due to its shape, but also to the properties of our Düotex (porosity, resistivity, etc.).