Kubicule – Phone Booth

Kubicule Phone Booth

Corporative Acoustic Cabin

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KUBICULE is one of Kiosk Dimensions newest product lines. The family business specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom trade show booths, on a national and international level.  KUBICULE is a concept created by Sacha Demonsand et Marika Reynolds.

The acoustic walls of the cabin were created using Tekboard technology. The Tekboard allows them to combine structural properties while maximizing acoustic properties. Thanks to the interior covering made with Düotex, the interior noises are absorbed, reducing the reverberation of the sounds (NRC). The MDF that is found inside the structure of the Tekboard block sounds by preventing the noise from leaving the cabin as well as preventing ambient noise from entering the cabin.


The result of this craftsmanship is a 100% Canadian-made Phone Booth with a contemporary look, modular and customizable to fit your brand identity.  Please visit KUBICULE’s website at https://www.kubicule.com/home