Acoustical Baffle System – Cassiope

Acoustical Baffle System


The Cassiope design is part of our new acoustical baffles collection called Constellation, by FeltKütur.

Cassiope stands out for its elegance and beauty. Smaller, this baffle system can be installed above a meeting table, a restaurant table, or a collaboration table. Its circular shape gives it an intimacy, which improves the customer experience.


One of the most valuable assets for a restaurant in order to attract, satisfy and retain its customers, is its interior decoration and acoustics. Located above the table, Cassiope will reduce the reverberation of the noise, ensuring a perfect level of intimacy and comfort. This baffle system will be more than an accessory since it doesn’t only improve the acoustic comfort, but it also contributes to the visual design of your space. Thanks to its shape, Cassiope lets light emitted by the lighting fixtures fill the room.



The internal triangular shape improves noise attenuation while its overall hexagon shape allows sound absorption on all sides. The air space inside gives it good acoustic properties. Thanks to our Düotex acoustic felt, the noise is filtered and attenuated.


First of all, you should know that red is reserved for vivid rooms such as dining rooms, hallways or stairwells. The Rougemont must highlight a beautiful area and vice versa, to be contemporary. This color pairs beautifully with brick or concrete, two materials that have found their place on the bench of timeless decor.