Fighting airborne noise

Fighting Airborne Noise


Acoustics are an important factor in the level of comfort that we perceive or not in a room. Airborne noise is the noise propagated in the air (sounds of voices, noises from a television, circulation noises, etc,...) Sound is a wave that propagates in the air or by the vibrations of an object causing small variations of the atmospheric pressure. These variations travel and can be perceived as noise when they reach the auditory system.

One of the solutions to combat “airborne noise” is the use of acoustic baffles. High or open ceilings have the advantage of increasing the size of a room.

Acoustical ceilings

Open area spaces are often equipped with open ceiling, stripping of suspended ceiling, giving a sense of freedom. However, these open ceilings can create a “drum effect”. The drum effect refers to the reverberation of the waves due to the presence of hollows inside the cavities of a structure. Thus, it is necessary to avoid empty spaces as much as possible.

Our acoustic baffle systems can fill these empty spaces. In addition to performing an acoustic absorption function, it adds a visual aspect to your environment. Our, Constellation collection of acoustic baffle systems, allows you to keep the feeling of freedom in your open spaces. You can use stylized acoustic baffles like our Constellation models, Orion, Cassiope or Andromeda, or simply use rectangular shapes. The layout of the baffle systems plays an important role in its performance. Implementing this option in a variety of ways will be important for absorption efficiency.

You want to preserve the wood finish of your ceilings? Use the Tekboard acoustical board in strategic places in the form of tile or hanging furniture.