Acoustical Baffle System – Orion

Acoustical Baffle System


The majestic Orion acoustic baffle system is part of our new collection called Constellation, by Feltkütur. Orion distinguishes itself by its quadrilateral geometry. Orion’s surface is divided into squares or, covered with crossed lines forming absorbent squares. The grid pattern is thanks to the imagination of Scandinavian brands. This contemporary design invites you into all types of environments, such as entrance halls, open offices, and restaurants with a great ambiance. It is simple, minimalist and clean. Its multiple openings allows the light emitted by the room to pass through.

So if your decor is a bit bland but you like sobriety, our Orion acoustic ceiling baffles will add the perfect touch without adding eccentricity. Its large size of 12’ x 12’ will add majesty to your room.

The wave

This acoustic baffle system has a curve that reminds us of the movement of waves. This ultra-designed suspension ceiling will add style to any environment.

The damping of the reverberation of airborne noise

Thanks to its quadrilateral geometry, Orion absorbs airborne noise. Each air space that we find inside of the squares enhanced by the acoustic performance of our Düotex, works to reduce reverberations. Orion is available with our 6.3mm and 12mm felt. By its positioning and quantity of absorbent felt, Orion is designed to significantly reduce the sound reverberation speed. It's the ideal acoustic for open ceilings with metallic surfaces.