Soundproof solutions cafeteria



A peaceful cafeteria in a corporate office goes beyond providing a space for lunch breaks. It also fosters creativity, productivity, and employee well-being. By offering a place to escape from the noise and stress of the workday, employees return to their workstations with a refreshed mind and improved focus. 

The key element that transforms a corporate cafeteria into the ultimate relaxation spot lies in the clever integration of acoustic elements from the Feltkütur collection.

Acoustic baffles like the Orion model play a crucial role in absorbing unwanted noises and creating a serene atmosphere. Animated discussions or ringing cell phones are subdued, allowing employees to recharge mentally.

The Tekboard Beam, intelligently used in the space's design, also contributes to improved acoustics. It acts as sound-absorbing material, ensuring that conversations in the cafeteria don't disturb work in nearby areas. This allows employees to enjoy their lunch break without fear of disruption. 

Tekboard Studio acoustic panels and Hochelaga wall tiles add a touch of elegance to the space while enhancing acoustics. Their ability to absorb and diffuse sound creates a soothing environment where employees can relax and socialize in peace. 

Feltkutur Tekboard beam acoustical solution
Feltkütur soundproofing solution

Ultimately, the importance of a peaceful cafeteria area within corporate offices cannot be overstated. Thanks to innovative acoustic elements like those from the Feltkütur collection, including Orion acoustic baffles, the Tekboard Beam, Tekboard Studio acoustic panels, and Hochelaga wall tiles, these spaces can become true sanctuaries within the company, contributing to employee well-being and satisfaction, as well as their work efficiency.