The innovative design of the Hochelaga model is now available as part of Feltkütur's selection of Harmonie acoustic tiles collection.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The different shapes making up the Hochelaga model is an assembly of curved lines. They give the effect of comfort, friendliness and give a feeling of sensuality and love. Round shapes suggest community, integrity and perfection.



The color scheme of the Hochelaga model presents a contrast of blue Saint-Georges and the two beige colors of the collection; Percé and Woburn. Beige colors are popular interior colors because they allow us to accentuate other elements of the room. In terms of interior design, the blue color is attributed with benefits such as purity and peace.

Bleu St-Georges-photo-finale
Tan Percé-photo-finale

The Acoustic

Our models of acoustical tiles help to attenuate the echo in the environment. The set being composed of two thicknesses, 6.4mm and 12.7mm, these build obstacles in the path of the sound and tend to reduce its strength.

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