Wall Felt groupe Ferti


The customer service department receives several calls a day, and the work environment can become quite loud when each colleague is speaking at the same time to serve their customer. It was during a team discussion that the company decided to contact Feltkütur to design the customer service area with Düotex felt panels. The aim was to provide a quality working environment, in term of acoustics, for their employees.


From raw panels to custom panels

The customization of the panels was made possible thanks to the design service offered by our partner, Decoupe Lessard. Their creativity helped creating the environment that harmonizes with their current decor.

In order to delimit the entrance, the Düotex 12mm panels were installed standing up, using U-shaped hardware, in order to create an environment separate from the offices. The Düotex Tahmea panels were also applied to the dividing walls of the entrance and the offices. In addition, customers entering the local immediately see the company logo which has been reproduced in felt to increase the felt surface, which also increases the sound absorption, in the room.

With a CNC cutting machine, you can quickly and easily cut a variety of desired shapes. It is also possible to create a personalized logo of your company.

Our number one goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs, in terms of technical felts and decorative felts.