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is a family-owned apparel company with over 65 years of experience. Today, three generations of the Lessard family have contributed to the design, cutting and making of shirts, school uniforms, trousers and workwear in Canada. In addition, the company specializes in cutting woven and non-woven materials for various markets that include construction, interior design and acoustics.

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In 2017, Lessard has become a partner of Feltkütur. Together they developed a new range of baffle systems and acoustic tiles. The company will soon launch a new collection of hanging screens, known as Renaissance.

Thanks to Lessard’s know-how and Feltkütur's acoustical panels, designers and architects will be able to improve the acoustics of living spaces while giving a touch of color and design to office, restaurant or hotel environments. Placed in strategic locations, they attenuate sound reverberations by absorbing them, and thus considerably reducing the ambient noise.

Louis Lessard, Vice-President, joined the company which was founded by his grandfather, Léo Lessard. The company, which is mainly active in the apparel business, is diversifying today in several sectors and industrial activities, including interior design. Louis was involved in the business development with the Feltkütur team. Thanks to the CNC cutting equipment, Lessard was able to create a new product line of acoustic wall tiles with our Düotex-Tahmea and develop the baffle systems. The company’s knowledge and experience made it possible for Lessard to provide a tailor-made service for designers and architects.

Acoustical Solution

Design first.

After studying fashion design, Maryna Jolin joined Lessard. Thanks to her experience in apparel design, she has developed the technical ability to work quickly with graphic design and pattern programs. The opportunity to cut in acoustic panels like the Düotex, has allowed her analytical and graphic side to flourish in the creation of innovative projects of Feltkütur. Her experience in design has combined the best of both worlds, creation and innovation. Maryna’s creative side has made it possible to develop 2D projects that ultimately have to be in 3D. Projects such as ceiling lights, developed with acoustic tiles. Bringing architects and designer’s projects to life is her primary mission.