The Yamaska design is part of our new collection of acoustic wall tiles named Harmonie, by Feltkütur.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The Yamaska model is composed of a geometric shape popular in the world of design thanks to its triangular pattern. Triangle patterns are confident, dynamic and will energize your room. They can also be put to good use in offices and areas dedicated to an environment where concentration is paramount, as its shape suggests persistence, followed by the achievement of goals.



The Yamaska is a perfect blend of our three shades of grey; the Saint-Sebastien, the Westmont and the Fermont. When you're working a space with grey, it's relatively easy to introduce a bright, vivid new color by adding accent pieces. Whatever your choice, grey fills the gaps easily and with dignity.

Gris St-Sébastien-photo-finale
Gris Westmont - photo-finale
Gris Fermont-photo-finale


The Düotex Tahmea acoustical panel, adhesive technology applied to the back of the panel, is “ready to install”. Make sure to clean the wall where the installation will be done and let it dry before laying the tiles.

To discover the entire collection and the technical details: Harmonie Collection.