Workspace soundproofing solution


Renovation of Industrielle Alliance's Offices in Quebec

At the heart of the renovation of Industrielle Alliance's offices in Quebec, an unprecedented collaboration between Feltkütur, EMBLM, and their experts gave birth to an exceptional acoustic project, a true 'making of' the fusion between the art of felt and sound design. 

The Feltkütur team, known for their custom felt creations, was contacted to participate in this ambitious renovation work. They were delighted to be part of such a unique and stimulating project. Discussions began, and the Feltkütur team got to work.

It all started when the architect in charge of the project embarked on a quest for a unique acoustic solution for Industrielle Alliance's offices. She had a clear vision in mind: a dynamic workspace where concentration and relaxation harmoniously coexist. Acoustics played an essential role in this equation. 


The main challenge was to design an acoustic ceiling system, also known as baffles, that would not only improve the space's acoustics but also add a distinctive aesthetic touch. The chosen color for these baffles was Royal Blue, inspired by Feltkütur's exclusive collection, Blue St-Georges. This elegant shade brought a soothing atmosphere, creating an environment conducive to concentration and creativity. 


Workspace insulation solution

Feltkütur's acoustic ceiling panels did not only significantly improved the space's acoustics, but also transformed it into a functional work of art. Designers and architects were thrilled with the new possibilities offered by Feltkütur's acoustic felt, and Industrielle Alliance employees enjoyed exceptional acoustic comfort.