Acoustic panels Blue St-Georges

Navy Blue St-Georges

A splash of color never fails to add personality to an interior space. If you're looking for an easy way to enhance your space, consider our Blue St-Georges, a deep dark navy color. This hue is inspired by maritime environments and recalls the timelessness of naval uniforms.

A navy blue background adds richness and depth to a meeting room. When exposed to light, our Blue St-Georges acoustic panels create a bright effect and stand out against the adjacent white walls. This color oscillates between navy and indigo tones and adds to a room a grand effect while being friendly.


Our Royal Blue St-Georges blends well with wood. You can match it to your favorite decor, whether it is in combination with wood, stone or any other material.


In a modern environment, Blue St-Georges will allow you to create a lively and colorful space, while adding richness to your decor. The navy blue shade of our acoustic panels will bring a chic effect and a muted atmosphere to your room.

When using our Düotex acoustic felts Blue St-Georges, it is especially important to ensure that the artificial lighting in the room is adequate. Diffused light, using a combination of ceiling and floor lamps, will neutralize the cool blue.