The Typhon is a creation that fits perfectly with the common thread of the creative part of the Gaïa acoustic tiles collection, by Feltkütur.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The Typhon model is a harmonious arrangement of a unique shape having the silhouette of a magnifying glass. Its curved lines signify fullness, encouraging self fulfillment. The attention given to the elements of your decor is the key to success in obtaining an environment where the occupants feel good. The feeling of seeing an abstract design helps activate your creativity. The ideal location for the application if this model would be in schools or office spaces.


A Depth Effect

Like the other models in the collection, the combination of the two thicknesses offered with Düotex allows you to add a depth effect to your decor!

Bleu St-Georges-photo-finale
Gris Fermont-photo-finale
Gris St-Sébastien-photo-finale
Tan Percé-photo-finale


Thanks to the Düotex Tahmea, a simplified adhesive technology applied to the back of the panel, and the use of the starter kit for this tile model, the installation will be a snap!

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