The Team Behind Felkütur

The Team Behind Feltkütur

Feltkütur Team

Feltkütur, which is pronounced "Felt" "couture" as in "Haute-Couture" is a creation of the Industrial platform at Texel Technical Materials, Inc. The Industrial platform has had to regularly reinvent the product portfolio. Involved in different market sectors, the platform showcases several popular applications including, but not limited to, anti-vibration pads, floor and furniture protection, pipeline anticorrosion wraps, gaskets, packaging and insulation materials for the clothing industry. Further proof that the team knows how to design and market quickly, they answered the call during the pandemic by creating a level 2 and level 3 membrane for medical gowns. This allowed them to obtain an important medical gown contract for New York City.


Recently, the platform has been setting up a new sector of activity, named building materials. Since 2015, the team has designed various components related to buildings materials. There is the range of acoustic subfloors, floor covering, either vinyl or TPO, and waterproof roof membranes using PMMA technology. All these technologies have a structural and technical purpose. Given that Texel provides acoustic solutions in different applications, our research and development team decided to design a new range of acoustic panels for the building and furnishing market. While always keeping the focus on structural and technical capabilities, we added a visual design aspect.

We wanted to create a range of panels produced entirely in North America. Currently, the North America's market is mainly served by overseas products, which makes supplying logistics very complicated. Feltkütur products are designed by a team in North America who are familiar with North American building standards.


The team behind Feltkütur is composed of engineers and technicians, which ensures innovation and North American quality standards. There is also the sales team that makes sure to maintain close communication with architects, designers and the distribution network. Finally, there is the marketing team ensuring a creative environment and feeding the social networks dedicated specifically for designers and architects.

The Feltkütur environment was created specifically to appeal directly to architects, designers, specifiers and building contractors.

The stimulating work environment at Texel Technical Materials Inc. encourages the creativity of all partners. Multidisciplinary units allows the creation of innovative products without forgetting production efficiency, but above all it allows to maintain constant and close communication with the customers. Texel, which has obtained the "Healthy Enterprise" certification, promotes health and well-being in the work environment.

Lydall Technical Nonwovens Center of Excellence for Architectural Acoustics

Since 2016, Lydall Technical Nonwovens has established a center of excellence for architectural acoustic products. Texel and its sister company Gutsche in Germany, collaborates on product development. Gutsche has a rich experience and technical knowledge in the field of architectural acoustics. They brought to market a line of acoustic panels known as Audiovel. This range of acoustic polyester felt is intended for acoustic ceilings and office furniture. Recently, Gutsche, installed a new press for the creation of high-density acoustic panels. The international collaboration of the two teams will ensure the durability of the acoustic products of architectural acoustic panels.


Our Team in Action