Acoustic Solutions – Quirion Métal

Enhancing the Aesthetics and Acoustics of Office Spaces


Established in Beauceville for nearly 50 years, Quirion Métal epitomizes excellence in the metallurgical industry. Specializing in custom design, fabrication, and installation of metal structures, this family-owned business distinguishes itself with artisanal expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction. With a skilled team of craftsmen and seasoned engineers, Quirion Métal delivers high-quality solutions meeting the strictest safety and efficiency standards.


Quirion Métal collaborates with Feltkütur to enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of office spaces. Considering acoustics in sustainable design is crucial for well-being and productivity.


Solutions like Feltkütur's acoustical baffle systems reduce noise, promote concentration, and enhance communication. By choosing these sustainable products, companies create healthy work environments while reducing their carbon footprint.


In collaborative spaces, acoustic products play a crucial role. They lower noise levels, promoting concentration and privacy in exchanges. Adequate sound levels create a comfortable environment, conducive to productivity and creativity. By investing in quality acoustic solutions, companies demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being and the success of collaborative projects.

The Andromeda model from Feltkütur's Constellation collection embodies elegance and efficiency in architectural acoustics. Designed to meet the needs of modern environments, this baffle system offers an innovative solution to improve acoustics while adding striking aesthetics to any space. Andromeda acoustical baffle systems are crafted from high-quality materials and are available in a range of finishes and colors to suit all design styles. Thanks to their intelligent design, they effectively absorb sound, reducing noise levels, and improving acoustic clarity.


Whether in offices, restaurants, meeting rooms, or public spaces, Feltkütur's Andromeda model offers a versatile and stylish solution to create pleasant and functional sound environments.