A new addition to the Gaïa acoustic tiles collection is the Poséidon model, by Feltkütur.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The Poséidon acoustical tile model projects an artistic effect thanks to the particularity of its lines. Straight lines, representing simplicity, rigor and determination, are married with horizontal lines, representing the horizon, tranquility and openness. A nice mix of features to make for a creative and serene environment.

Poseidon pattern


The beauty that this color mix offers, between the gray Saint-Sébastien and the blue Saint-Georges, is an aspect of coherence and a versatile combination. Thus mixing an atmosphere advocating confidence, serenity by the blue color and the balance brought by the grey color.

The Acoustics

Acoustic control in environments is a major challenge. Our model of acoustic tiles, made up of Düotex felted panels, will be able to control some of the echo irritants in the room. By using shapes of different thicknesses, 6.4mm and 12.7mm, they will improve acoustic comfort since the echo in the room will be reduced by the different thicknesses which will attenuate its amplitude.


The layout of the tiles can be done according to your imagination. This is the beauty of all our acoustic tile models. In order to give you an overview, three models are made available on the product data sheet. Since the acoustical tiles are cut from the Düotex Tahmea felt panel, an adhesive technology applied to the back of the panel, the installation of the tiles is made accessible to everyone.

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