Our new model of acoustic tiles, Oka, is part of the new Harmonie acoustic tile collection, by Feltkütur, is now available.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The ancient Greeks were the first to adopt geometric design in their interiors because of the way it achieved structure and serenity. Just like the hexagon, some shapes will always feel extravagant and innovative. We invite you to do the exercise of placing a hexagonal shape on a wall in the room and you will immediately notice the effect it has on the personality of an environment.


Oka evokes a feeling of warmth, security, mixed with a sense of renewal, peace and rest. The colors of the Düotex acoustical panels including green Sainte-Marie, beige Percé and beige Woburn, harmonize the environment thanks to the benefits that these colors express.

Tan Percé-photo-finale
Vert Ste-Marie-photo-finale


Thanks to the Düotex Tahmea, an adhesive technology applied to the back of the Düotex panel, and the use of the starter kit, the installation of the tiles is simplified. The 6.4mm and 12.7mm thicknesses of the Düotex panels will offer room users a promising artistic effect!

To discover the entire collection and the technical details: Harmonie Collection.