Manufacturing Partner

Networks of Manufacturing Partners

A Strategy that Pays Off

In 2016, the Feltkütur brand was created. From the beginning, we chose to surround ourselves with carefully selected partners, among which there is Panolite, manufacturer of the Tekboard panels, and Lessard, manufacturer of the Constellation acoustic baffle systems. This association of manufacturing partners makes it possible to create products with added values and solidifies the distribution network.



Panolite has great expertise in the manufacture of cellular structural panels. Thanks to this, we were able to expand the range of Tekboard panels, including a panel with “Sound Blocking” (STC) properties. Panolite's expertise made it possible to integrate “edgebanding” and a variety of hardware for panel assembly, in order to create modules.

Whether it is for the manufacturing of acoustic blades, Tekboard Beam, wall acoustic panels Tekboard Studio, walls for phone booths, dividers or office furniture, Panolite is an ideal partner.



Since 2017, the Lessard team of St-Joseph de Beauce, offers a custom cutting service of acoustic panels for FeltküturLessard specializes in the industrial cutting of flexible materials. Their expertise makes it possible to satisfy any request that concerns tailor-made cutting. The team is equipped with a digital cutting machine whose performance is close to that of laser cutting.
In addition to this service, the Lessard team has the adhesive expertise behind our Düotex Tahmea, for all your wall acoustic tile projects.


5 years later, with our partners always by our side, we offer you quality products, for which we have a real acoustic expertise.

Evolving markets, challenge faced

Over the past 5 years, the market for acoustic panels has continued to evolve. We have expanded our product catalogue and continue to do so day after day to offer you the best technical and aesthetic solutions.

Training and respect for our partners as historical values

With our teams and partners, we have always put the quality of human relations at the forefront. Mutual respect and trust allow us to work hand in hand to the satisfaction of our customers. In a world where technologies are developing at a rapid pace, we retain the values that have enabled us to make Feltkütur a collection that it is today.