The exceptional Kenogami pattern from the collection of acoustic wall tiles is at your fingertips, it is part of our collection, Harmonie.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The Kenogami is a set of felted acoustic tiles that adds more visual interest to your decor with its asymmetrical shapes. This template is perfect when you want to draw attention to a feature in your design. The space will feel more casual and lived in. Often preferred in areas with more traffic such as lobbies, reception areas, etc.


Suggested Applications

It is possible to create several models with the basic Kenogami set. The product data sheet presents applications from the simplest to the most complex arrangements. Depending on the character given to the area, the application of the Tahmea acoustical tiles allows you to stick to the line of creativity given to the environment.

Gris Fermont-photo-finale
Gris St-Sébastien-photo-finale
Gris Westmont - photo-finale

The Acoustics

The dissipation of acoustic energy from uneven surfaces is not only due to its shape, but also depends on the properties of our Düotex acoustic felt (porosity, resistivity, etc.).

To discover the entire collection and the technical details: Harmonie Collection.