Acoustic felt partner Groupe Ferti


Located in the municipality of Sainte-Marie, in Beauce, Groupe Ferti's mission is to "Promote the green spaces of our residential, commercial and municipal customers by offering a full range of specialized services in lawn maintenance and management, horticulture, arboriculture and landscaping."

Groupe Ferti is the result of decades of hard work. The president of the company, Rémi Breton, created the Groupe Ferti company in 1986, operating under the name Fertibeauce Inc. until 2014. Having good business sense, Rémi knows that he will have to rely on a team of specialists to ensure the development of his business.

In 2017, the next generation is now ready to join the company. Vanessa Breton, the president's daughter, holds the position of Business Development and Marketing Coordinator, thus bringing a breath of fresh air to the company through her studies in the field of commercial management and her trainings in the green space industry.


The company has several specialists in different departments including customer service, administration, technical advice, horticulture, arboriculture, turf management, landscaping and lawn fertilization. The project carried out for the offices of the head office of Groupe Ferti was mainly focused in the environment of the customer service department in order to minimize the echo in the call room. “We wanted an environment that offered the ideal conditions to do their work. Acoustics was becoming a major issue and the team is grateful for the acoustic work of the Feltkütur panels, ” highlights Vanessa Breton.

Thanks to the panels Düotex and Düotex Tahmea of Feltkütur married to the design and cutting work of our partner Lessard and to the vision of Groupe Ferti that Vanessa's project was made a reality. Hours of development and discussion between all of the stakeholders!