Acoustical felt green Ste-Marie


Designing a personalized space is an art and takes a lot of work to make it happen. Sometimes, just a small touch of color will make all the difference to the visual atmosphere that is created and brought to your new workplace or living environment. Our green Ste-Marie is possibly the solution to integrate into your felt designed environment in order to personalize your space.

This color was selected to give a burst of color to your environment and foster creativity. This shade is particularly attractive in an office space, as it is favorable for concentration and imagination. It also works very well in different type of spaces, such as an entrance hall where green helps to promote communication.


Our acoustic panels offer a felted texture, stimulating the sense of touch as well as vibrant colors, in turn stimulating the human sense of sight.


Acoustic Felt

Our green Ste-Marie color tone is a blend of forest green and dark olive green, helping to give a rich effect to the acoustics in any room. It's a perfect match with our Düotex gray Fermont and our gray Westmont acoustic felt panels, or any other neutral surface.