Acoustic felt Grey Fermont

Grey Fermont

Our anthracite grey

Gris Fermont-photo-finale

Our Grey Fermont blends in very well with classic decors, with or without woodwork. Ideally, we will favor a bright room for a more beautiful look. Closer to black, Grey Fermont exudes elegance and class. We place it in a category of slate grey, anthracite grey and pearl grey.

In its composition, black predominates and the anthracite color is neutral, allowing almost all associations. Our Grey Fermont blends very well with a scandinavian decor.

It is a daring choice that not only absorbs light, but is evocative of a certain class. If you're tempted to imitate our northern neighbors, don't forget to accessorize your decor with warm materials and choose light-coloured or wooden furniture.

A wall covered in our Fermont anthracite grey will have a luxurious and relaxing look. Its neutral appearance makes it a very easy to match color. The whole range of greys can be declined and thus obtain a monochrome decoration, but bright colors can also be highlighted with anthracite, for example our Green Ste-Marie or our Rougemont.


This grey can also be combined with all the other neutral colors and those of the brown range, for a warm and natural atmosphere.