Fenêtres Elite acoustic panels

Fenêtres Élite adds up style with the Tekboard Studio acoustic panels in their work offices

The return to the office has been gradually taking place for a few months now. Common living spaces are being used again and the number of users of these environments has been increasing lately. Employees are used to working in the comfort of their homes, which explains the importance of a smooth return to the company's physical offices. Acoustics is a very important factor to consider as people have become accustomed to their home workspace where noise emissions are more limited.

As people spend more and more hours at work, it is important to provide an environment where it is pleasant to work. Visual appearance and decor are key elements to achieve this, but Feltkütur products will meet this challenge by providing you with acoustic and design solutions! 

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The project at Fenêtres Élite's offices allows us to visualize a concrete application of the Tekboard Studio. For the cafeteria area, integrating perfectly the Woburn beige color, the proposal was to match the color of the acoustic products to other products such as the wooden ceiling, the tables, the chairs and the counter island. The same proposal was made to the manufacturer for their conference room in order to have a color match with the floor covering and the Düotex grey Fermont. The color selection of the Düotex allows this decor to fully harmonize with the design already in place.

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The Tekboard Studio panel has a high sound absorption level and is available in three dimensions. Its honeycomb structure serves to strengthen the panel while guaranteeing maximum lightness. These honeycombs also guarantee an air space that amplifies the acoustic performance of the wall panel.

Thanks to the advisors of our distributors, the arrangement of our acoustic panels in your decor will be harmonized. They will help you choose the right color, the good type of products as well as their arrangement.

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