Custom cutting service

Custom Cutting Service

Since 2017, the Lessard team offers a tailor-made cutting service for Feltkütur's acoustic panels. Lessard specializes in the industrial cutting of flexible materials and their expertise makes it possible to satisfy any request when it comes to custom cutting. They are equipped with a digital machine whose performance is close to laser cutting.


We have the capacity of responding to all your requests in a personalized way: evaluation of your need, cutting tests, drawings, design service and custom packaging.

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«Our first objective: to satisfy the desire of customizing our customers' projects, in terms of technical felts and decorative felts.»
Louis Lessard

Objectives of Lessard:           
• Offer material and service of quality                          
• Offer a turnkey service: conception and design          
• Offer both processed and raw material

In addition to the cutting service, the Lessard team has the adhesive expertise behind our Düotex Tahmea felt (peel and stick), for all your wall acoustic tile projects.

Lessard’s know-how and Feltkütur acoustic panels enable designers and architects to improve the acoustics of living spaces and give a touch of color and design to any office, restaurant and hotel environments. Placed in strategic locations, they attenuate the reverberation of sounds by absorbing them and thus significantly reduce ambient noise.


Installation Service

Installing wall covering may seem like an ambitious project. Fortunately, in the greater Quebec City area, Martin Arbour takes care of your projects from start to finish, taking great care of guiding and advising you throughout the process.

The installation service allows you to take advantage of a turnkey project that will take into account all your needs and greatly simplify the task during your renovations.

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