Acoustical panels for coworking spaces


As its name suggests, coworking means above all "working together", in a new vision of work that combines autonomy and collaboration.

Coworking is a new way of working with simple rules, and is practiced in dedicated spaces. Coworking spaces can take many different forms, ranging from furnished cafes to rented offices.

With the advent of generations Y and Z, work is changing. It is no longer something to be endured, but rather something that motivates people. Today, everyone wants to develop and be active in their career. Involvement and creativity are put forward and people no longer want to be simple employees, but collaborators. We no longer spend our days in offices, but in "work spaces". We are looking for mobility and comfort in a friendly environment. We want to feel a bit like at home, and at the same time be surrounded by stimulating personalities. Little by little, places have opened their doors, trying to meet the expectations of today's workers... and tomorrow's! In the broadest sense, they are called "third places", and among them are coworking spaces.


Inspired by the concept of biophilia, VIVA Unit is fully thought to recreate the conditions of a natural environment, for the greatest well-being of users. The space can be divided.

Many inclusions, including access to a large roof deck housing 10 organic market garden bins and a lounge area!

VIVA – Green Units, an innovative real estate concept and a unique green social innovation in Beauce!

Whether you are a teleworker, a business or a business group, take advantage of rental and coworking business spaces entirely designed from the principles of biophilia, which focuses on the beneficial relationship between the human and nature.

The Acoustics

The acoustic panels artistic expression results from a marriage of two thicknesses, 6.4mm and 12.7mm, of our acoustic felt Düotex, but the three-dimensional effect allows to dampen the echo in the environment. The dissipation of acoustic energy from irregular cavities is not only due to its shape, but also depends on the properties of our Düotex acoustic felt (porosity, resistivity, etc.).


Using Düotex Tahmea, our peel and stick felt on your walls, you can stylize your acoustic tiles by using a CNC cut, to get a unique shape or design.