Acoustical panels Beige Woburn



Our Beige Woburn acoustical panels are not reserved for winter. On the contrary, this caramel beige color prolongs the cocooning effect. How? By associating it with colors very trendy such as  yellow beige, nougat color, ginger color or autumn leaf color.

Our Woburn Beige is known for being a soft, relaxing shade that lends itself beautifully to natural materials such as wood, linen and rattan. This color is therefor logically found in many classic and rural settings. If you feel like being tempted by beige in your interior environment, let our color inspirations guide you to create the perfect trendy ambiance!

This color can be used with the softer Beige Percé: the idea here is to soften the caramel to avoid the risk of having a too dark atmosphere. You like the color coffee (yes, it exists)? Adopt it in your work environment to enjoy all its flavors and balance it with our Black Wendake.

Our Beige Woburn and Black Wendake colors both belong to the same shade range (browns), so you can pair them up without fear of making a mistake! As for the shades, all tastes are allowed, the marriage will always work.