Acoustical panels Wendake color



The Wendake color is suitable for several types of interiors. Its first asset is its various tones, from the most enveloping and reassuring to the engaging and illuminating brightest. This shade is very easy to match with many other colors. We love the relation it has with nature, especially earth tones, which makes it a timeless color. It can be used in all types of environments such as lobby, cafeteria, and office spaces as well.


In the shades of earth and chocolate, the Wendake colored acoustic panels offer something magical to the places it dresses. Known for making people feel comfortable and safe, it is the perfect backdrop to accommodate any bright accompaniment. The Wendake color might well be the color that will bring additional interest to your environment!



This dark color is present in our natural environment and harmonizes with the different shades of green, wooden furniture, as well as natural materials such as wicker and rattan. These harmonies are particularly suitable and recommended if you are searching for a zen and relaxing atmospheres.