Workspace acoustic solution

Feltkütur Soundproofing Solutions for industrial alliance's work office in Quebec

At the heart of the renovation of Industrial Alliance's work office in Quebec City, a successful collaboration between Feltkütur, EMBLM and their experts resulted in an exceptional acoustic project. Responding to the architect's requirements and vision, the Feltkütur team designed an acoustic baffle system of impressive scale. In this dynamic working environment, where concentration and relaxation are combined, the fusion of acoustics and design was a natural fit. Covered in an elegant Royal Blue shade from the Feltkütur (St-Georges Blue) collection, the acoustic ceiling lights (baffles) add a soothing touch to the atmosphere. The ingenious use of Feltkütur acoustic felts has opened up new perspectives for designers and architects, while offering unparalleled acoustic comfort. This successful fusion of creative genius and functionality has created a warm, balanced environment where acoustic comfort is the order of the day.

Acoustical comfort
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