Venture – Anticosti Collection





The Anticosti collection from Venture is now available on the 3D configurator Feltkütur Illusion, offering an immersive experience for designing floor coverings inspired by the nature and elements of the Quebec coastline. With this innovative tool, you can position and size the carpets from the Anticosti collection according to your preferences, whether to completely cover your floor or create a distinct carpet section.

The 3D configurator Feltkütur Illusion opens the doors to creating your ideal environment. Once you have selected your object, the possibilities become endless. With intuitive controls, you can easily manipulate your creation in a three-dimensional space, bringing it to life as if you were sculpting with virtual clay, but without any mess. You have the freedom to rotate, scale, and position your floor covering as you desire.

What makes Feltkütur Illusion even more exciting is its ability to preview your creations from different angles. You can explore every detail and adjust every aspect to achieve the perfect result. And if you want to make changes, simply choose from the vast palette of colors and library of textures available, watching your creation instantly transform before your eyes.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. You can also enhance your design by adding other objects or characters to interact with your creation, bringing your virtual world to life dynamically. And when you're satisfied with the result, simply click the share button to save or share your design with others.

In summary, the 3D configurator Feltkütur Illusion offers a revolutionary design experience, allowing everyone to unleash their creativity and create unique and inspiring spaces.