Traveling exhibition

The SOUND, ONLY SOUND! exhibition

The Tekboard Saint-Georges Blue acoustic panels featured!


The SOUND, ONLY SOUND! exhibition is a production of the Nature and Science Museum at Sherbrooke, Qc with contributions from Heritage Canada and the Ministère de la culture et des communications. It has been designed to make theory into practice with regards to sound.

Addressed to children and adults, verbal or written explanations are adapted according to the user. Many people had the chance to visit the exhibition in the summer of 2019 presented at the Nature and Science Museum of Sherbrooke (MNS2) and at Exploration Place in British Columbia from September 2019 to January 2020.

Here are the next exhibition dates and locations:

  • Resurgo Place, Moncton Museum, Moncton, NB – January 25 to April 5 2020
  • Rimouski Regional Museum, Rimouski, QC – mid-April to early September 2020
  • THE MUSEUM, Kitchener, ON – early September 2020 to early January 2021
  • Galerie d’art de Blainville, Blainville, QC – early January to March 31 2021
  • OPEN – April 2021 and on
  • Visit their website for itinerary updates:


During your visit at the exhibition, you can see a lot of felty acoustic wall panels in the environment used for their soundproof and decorative advantages. All of them are from the Feltkütur acoustic panels collection. The Tekboard is used as a display and acoustic information are installed, thanks to the Velcro system. The acoustic wall panels also create a separation between the activity areas. In order to combine the acoustic atmosphere, the lighting and the sound energy, the DüotexTM Blue Saint-Georges is in the spotlight thanks to the Tekboard product.

The Panolite team, partner in the manufacture of the soundproof wall panels Tekboard, designed custom acoustic walls, meeting the needs of the Museum. Since the exhibition is traveling, it must be easy to assemble and disassemble the components. Thanks to the Roto-lock screwless system, the adjacent panels are assembled very quickly. In addition, educational posters are applied to Tekboard panels using the Velcro system. With Panolite's abilities and skills, the structure of the acoustic panel has been designed to allow electrical wires to be passed through the panels for the use of LED lighting systems.


Congratulations to the MNS2 team for this educational exhibit!

For more information, visit their website:

If you want more details on the acoustic felt panels or if you have a project that would need soundproof material like acoustic panels, felt tiles, baffle systems or felt walls, don’t hesitate to contact your representative at Richelieu: