Acoustical baffles Staples store



The Staples store concept in Canada and the United States has been redesigned to provide customers with a more enjoyable and up-to-date shopping experience. One of the big changes has been the layout of the space where electronic items are displayed. Large tables were installed to display the demonstrators and for users to try out the products. In addition, in order to attract more customers in the store instead of online, there are now conference spaces that can be rented either by customers wishing to use the room in the context of their work or their suppliers to make a training on their novelties.



The Feltkütur acoustic panels have been selected by the designers to be part of the new concept. When entering a store, you can see above the electronic area, an acoustic ceiling system made of Düotex ½’’ gray Fermont. The same acoustic ceiling system is repeated in the conference room allowing the sound of the room to be controlled due to the large glass walls. In order to maximize the soundproofing in the room, the Düotex ¼’’ gray Saint-Sebastian soundproofing panel is also applied to the TV wall and the wall at the top of the seats, creating acoustic walls.

The Feltkütur felt is also used as a storage door at the top of merchandise displays. These doors produced in Düotex gray Fermont ½’’ acoustic panels allow to hide the inventory of certain products.

Photo 7

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