We got the savoir-faire


Operators at Texel

Texel Technical Materials Inc., the Canadian company behind Feltkütur, has been producing felt for multiple industry segments since 1967.

Thanks to the innovation and the know-how of its operators, Texel has progressed through the years and its products are now marketed internationally via 8 industries and market segments: medical and wipes, CIPP, liquid filtration, automotive, geosynthetics and agroxtextiles, footwear and apparels, industrial converters and building and furniture components in which we have our architectural acoustic products known as Feltkütur. On the Line 1 is where they are manufactured.

Guimond Giguère joined Texel in 1981 and is currently our team leader on Line 1. His knowledge of natural fibers such as wool, and synthetic fibers such as polyester, polypropylene, Nomex and Kevlar, allows Guimond to adapt the mixtures of fibers to various composite materials. Many products have been designed and produced on Line 1 such as thermal insulation felts like Thermoplus, Minktex and Radiantex which are dedicated to the winter boot industry. There is also the thermoformable material known as Thermofit, for the automotive sector, which can be seen in the Nissan Altima, Acura RDX and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. More recently, while developing the Feltkütur acoustical panels, Guimond has made the necessary adjustments to create the collection's unique aesthetics. We thank him for his 40 years of loyal service and innovation.

Jean-Pierre Marcoux was the first Line 1 team leader in 1990. With his experience on several production lines at Texel, Jean-Pierre saw the birth of several product lines at Texel. Jean-Pierre joined Texel in 1976, the same year that Texel marketed the very first Canadian geotextiles product, known as Serie 76. Jean-Pierre has contributed to the development of several thermal and acoustic insulation technologies. The various markets served by Line 1 increased the know-how of textile materials. Longtime colleagues, Jean-Pierre and Guimond, have trained several operators at Texel. In addition to dedicating his time to Texel, Jean-Pierre has given a lot of his time to the hockey minor league in the Beauce region, as manager of the program. 45 years contributing to the technical know-how of Texel around the world. Thank you Jean-Pierre !

Michel Routhier joined Texel in 2010 and has experience on several manufacturing lines at Texel. Versatile and resourceful, Michel was able to bring in his experience and contributes to the evolution of the products on Line 1. Michel saw the birth of the Düotex acoustical felt from the Feltkütur collection. His capacity to adapt makes him an outstanding and a versatile operator on Line 1. Always smiling, Michel always spreads his good humor in the factory. 11 years of contribution, know-how and technical expertise, thank you Michel!

Together, the Line 1 team brings 95 years of experience and "savoir-faire". Way to go team!! Looking forward to that century mark!