Acoustical felt Rougemont color


The color red, for both residential and commercial decors, has the ability to create a personalized space given that this color can have several meanings and can bring harmony to the atmosphere you want to create in any room. The color of our Rougemont Düotex gives character to your design. Red is often associated with action, energy and determination. All office spaces should be designed to empower employees to do their jobs. Also, this color adapts perfectly with the autumn season! In winter, it warms your environment and in summer, it offers a fresh and dynamic appeal.

Our Rougemont acoustic panels sets itself apart when it comes to adding a color accent to your design. Our collections of acoustic tiles  makes installation easier thanks to the technology of Düotex Tahmea, a solution including a peel and stick backing on the Düotex. Whether for a sophisticated, modern, trendy or a simple decor, the Rougemont will perfectly match your best ideas!

A perfect combination with our green Sainte-Marie and our blue Saint-Georges to soften or cool the perfect space.