Pune project – acoustic panel

« The Making of » the Pune project

Bringing a project from the very beginning to success is a big deal. In the design industry, it's very important to recognize that client preferences and needs are constantly changing, as are the markets. If we want to win new business, we must adapt to these changes and deliver what is expected of us.

One of these things is the interior design rendering image. Supported by affordable technologies in both the software and hardware departments, rendered images are no longer reserved only for large design firms. Today, it is becoming a standard to offer a rendered image to your clients.

Every interior design project begins with an approval. Once you have completed the initial design, you must contact the client and get a green light before you can proceed. Compared to any other method, rendering is the ultimate winner in the categories of resource efficiency and usability.

The approval process with rendered images is not only fast, but also easy. Even if you don't get approval, you can make changes very quickly and move on to the next approval step. Renderings greatly increase the speed of development of interior design projects. Yet another reason for it to become a standard.

The ability to cut acoustic panels such as Düotex, has allowed Feltkütur to grow in the creation of innovative projects. We focus on combining the best of both worlds, creation and innovation. Our primary mission is to bring to life the unique projects of architects and designers.


The configuration tool will allow architects and designers to explore an infinite number of product options, from acoustic tiles and acoustic baffles to suspended screen designs. The tool will make it easy to play around with different acoustical options that might work in your environment.
Secondly, it will also provide a theoretical acoustic estimate, on how much product you would require to achieve the sound comfort of a specific environment.