ALKEGEN - Aundh - Pune - 015 S

Alkegen recently opened a new office in Pune, India, to benefit from the region's diverse talent pool and support its growth strategy. The new office aims to create employment opportunities for the local population and expand services to customers. This beautiful new facility will be Alkegen's regional headquarters for India/Middle East.

International collaboration brings a different kind of curiosity, perspective and learning. Our Canadian Feltkütur design specialists created custom solutions that bring a space to life. Every area of the new office was covered, from private offices, to collaboration spaces, to the cafeteria and meeting rooms. We helped Alkegen-India create an environment that reflects the Alkegen brand.

The work office environment is changing, and Alkegen’s brand, Feltkütur, responds to this challenge by providing concrete answers in terms of a creative, dynamic and flexible work environment, while integrating acoustic solutions.

Alkegen-India's new workspace has taken acoustic comfort into account. The choice of material for sound absorption is important. By selecting Feltkütur acoustic panels, the functionality of acoustic comfort is combined with design.

Alkegen brings together two of the world’s leading specialty materials companies to create one new, innovation-driven leader focused on battery technologies, filtration media, and specialty insulation and sealing materials. Through global reach and breakthrough inventions, we’re delivering products that enable the world to breathe easier, live greener, and go further than ever before.


Feltkütur, pronounced "Felt" "Couture" as in "Haute-Couture" is a brand dedicated to acoustic solutions for interior spaces and office furniture applications. The Feltkütur product line offers a variety of creative acoustic solutions, while integrating Alkegen's technical expertise and commitment to sustainability.