Panolite partner




The Tekboard acoustical panels allows a combination of structural and acoustical properties. In fact, the honeycomb structures serve to strengthen the resistance of the panel while ensuring maximum lightness. These cells also ensure an air space that amplifies the acoustical properties of the composite.

For the industrial production, Alkegen, has decided to work with Panolite located at Lac-Mégantic. Panolite has great expertise in the manufacture of cellular structural panels. Thanks to this union, we were able to expand the range of Tekboard panels, including a panel with “Sound Blocking” (STC) properties. Panolite's expertise made it possible to integrate edgebanding and a variety of hardware for panel assembly, in order to create modules.

Fenetres Élite-4

Whether it's for the manufacture of acoustic baffles, relaxation booths, telephone booths, divider panels or office furniture, the Tekboard is an ideal solution.