Located in Calgary, Alberta, Möbius is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in the creation of handcrafted objects. Möbius's know-how and commitment to quality enable them to create beautiful pieces. Each step of the process being managed internally, the piece is personalized according to your request. To present the company's know-how, the following achievement is a great example of a large-scale custom project while meeting customer expectations.

Calgary's new central library is of a very large scale as part of one of the most anticipated buildings in 2018 in the world according to the AD PRO survey. More specifically, Möbius had the mandate to design and build 25 tables that would fit perfectly in the library and that are made out of solid white oak. The Möbius team had the idea of ​​adding a cozy side to the room by using a felt material, from the Feltkütur collection, that was applied to the 25 tables in the room. It is with thoroughness and patience that this project was made possible, thanks to the company Möbius Objects.

2- Dessous-Table-Carrée-20180820_Mobius Objects Library Tables__152_pt-Edit_sm


The felted material selected for this project is Düotex with ¼ '' thickness, part of the Feltkütur products. The collection offers a choice of three shades of gray, ranging from the lightest to the darkest. The one selected by Möbius is the Fermont Gray at the darkest point of the available grayscale. This color allows you to create a harmony with most decors while adding a textured and warm side to the room or objects.


The Feltkütur team wishes to congratulate Möbius for this great achievement.