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Miora Luminaire

Acoustical Lighting

Miora Luminaire is a company located in Quebec, Canada. It is there, in their workshop, that the team designs all their sleek and customizable LED lighting. Their showroom also provides an inspiring environment for designers looking for an original accent to bring to any design.


In addition to making a local purchases, the company is committed to encouraging Canadian companies by partnering with them as sources of supply for the raw materials used to manufacture LED lights.


Noticing the growing demand for felted products for several types of environments, Pierre Gagne had the idea of ​​integrating felt into his products. He then did some research and it was when he found the Düotex acoustic felt panels that the development began. Thanks to their hard work and design ideas, four standard collections are available at Miora Luminaire; Frontenac, Le Cartier, Montcalm and Champlain and more available with the customizable option.

Made from recyclable polyester fibers, the Düotex panels are very effective in sound insulation. The flexible composition of the panels makes it possible to best absorb sounds of different frequencies. The acoustic performances are adjustable according to their disposition. The Düotex is available in 6.4mm or 12mm.

Acoustic lightings incorporating felt can increase the acoustic properties in the environment in question. They are a good asset when the environment is predominantly made up of glass or when wall surfaces are inaccessible.

Add the benefits of the Düotex acoustic panels to your design!