Loop – Soundproof booth

Soundproof booth - Acoustical solution


Team collaboration and interconnected departments in organizations are the new reality of doing business. Within these fast-paced environments of constant growth and change, there is a necessity for highly flexible workspaces. Long gone are the days of huge boardrooms and empty underutilized conference spaces—however there are still group tasks that requires high levels of focus and privacy.


As an alternative to larger conference rooms, the Loop Cube provides a comfortable space to perform collaborative tasks for up to four individuals. Within these quiet office booths, you’ll never worry about your meeting being overheard or disrupting the focus of your surrounding colleagues again.

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With a modern phone booth, people who work in an open concept office can eliminate background noises and find their focus, even in the loudest environments. As an alternative to expensive built-ins, Loop Solo solves the noisy open office dilemma by providing a quiet workspace free of office distractions. With this single-occupancy soundproof office phone booth, you’ll feel free to talk without worrying about disturbing your colleagues.


The Loop Solo QS and Loop Cube QS have the same great form and function as the Loop Solo and Loop Cube and make use of the Canadian made felt, “Feltkütur”. This interior option provides a cozy environment while also enhancing the acoustic properties of the booth.

If you are interested in building your own Loop booth design, visit Loop’s website: https://loopphonebooths.com/builder/

For more information: https://loopphonebooths.com/

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