Acoustical felt products Line 1

Line #1 products are part of your everyday life

Our production line, known as "Line #1", which produces the Feltkütur collection, has a rich history of developing innovative new products. This production line has undergone several investments and modifications over the years and improvements have constantly been made to keep up with new trends.

Smaller than most other production lines, Line #1 is recognized for its flexibility, versatility, and ability to produce smaller production batches, all while being fully capable of producing large-scale orders.

On this production line, we are able to serve several markets such as household appliance, construction, footwear, automotive and building and furniture components. Thanks to its versatility, Line #1 always responds to economy changes. When one sector moves down, another one jumps up, allowing this line to maintain its sustainability throughout the year.

Here are some examples of the innovative products manufactured on our Line #1.



Floor protection "felt pads"

Texel Technical Materials, Inc. was the first factory in the world to produce the floor protectors, which are now used all over the world. Often imitated, but never duplicated. In 1985, with the inventor and founder of the Madico company in Pintendre, Quebec, Martin Dumas, Texel developed and produced the felts which can surely be found in a hardware stores near you.


Household Appliances

Line #1 also makes products for household appliances and more specifically, for dryers. Thanks to the properties of wool, our technology has replaced the shoulder bands, which were once made of Teflon. With its low friction properties, wool felt allows the drum to rotate with ease. Texel has become one of the largest manufacturers of this material in North America.

Footwear industry

Since 1967, Texel has also produced thermal insulation felts and insoles for the Footwear industry. It was a very important market for Texel. Today, Line #1 still produces these felt packs, however, the company now specializes in the military boot resistant to extreme cold. Texel also produces Summumtex comfort insoles, which can be found in Canadian military shoes and in the famous GA Boulet cowboy boots.

Nowadays, noise pollution is becoming more and more problematic. Our acoustic "savoir-faire" has enabled us to develop several technologies that eliminate noise problems, and Line #1 is where we produce a wide range of sound absorbers.


Automotive industry

In the Automotive industry, Texel has been manufacturing products since 2007. Products such as acoustic fenders that suppresses road noises, and acoustic air intake ducts. With the advent of electric cars and "bluetooth" communication, acoustic air ducts that reduce noises caused by blowers and fans have become a necessity.

Building and Furniture Components Industry

Furthermore, Texel is producer of acoustic subfloors for engineered floors, known as Matex and Ecoduo.

More recently, Line #1 brought to market a new range of acoustic panels intended for the furniture and architecture markets. Thanks to its acoustic knowledge and its "savoir-faire" of composite materials, Texel has developed a new range of acoustic felt, known as Feltkütur. These new products will allow architects and designers to solve problems related to noise pollution. If so desired, our customers can transform our acoustical panels into acoustic tiles, acoustic ceilings, dividing panels or acoustic curtains.

Market diversification and product innovation on Line #1 will continue to push the boundaries of the impossible. From consumer products, to building materials, to transportation materials, our Line #1 manufactures a variety of products that can be found in your car, in your shoes, in your home and in your workplace.

At Texel, our “savoir-faire” is part of your daily life.