Flame Propagation Resistance

Flame Propagation Resistance and Smoke Density

Our Düotex 6.4mm acoustic panel has flame retardant properties which are achieved through our specially developed polyester polymer blend in our laboratory.

The purpose of fireproofing our polyester fiber is to delay or stop the spread of flames on the acoustic panel. The flame retardant properties are found inside the polyester fiber which means that our acoustic panel will always have its flame retardant properties even if the product is cut, cleaned, etc.

flame propagation

Some of our competitors use a different application method, such as surface treatment.  This method can be effective, however, once the material is cut, the edges will be exposed, thus altering the fire retardant properties.

Different Regulations and Standards Apply to Fire Prevention


Fire safety in public places is everyone’s business. It’s important to know your responsibilities.

Each municipality or states has a fire prevention service, which is responsible for enforcing the various regulations and helping you make your facilities safe.

The fire prevention service in your area is therefore an excellent reference to better inform you about the applicable regulations for fireproofing.

In general, municipal fire regulations adopt Canadian ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) and/or American NFPA standards.

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Our Düotex 6.4mm acoustic panel meets ASTM E-84 CLASS A and Canadian standard CAN/ULC-S102. For further information see our technical sheet.


All Feltkütur products have been tested in the Canadian laboratory ELEMENT MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY.