Esquif acoustic showroom

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Esquif International's story is one of a company reinventing itself and preparing for a promising future. With the expansion of its factory, this Canadian company is entering a new era of development and innovation. This expansion opens the door to new opportunities, not only for the company but also for the plastic transformation industry in general.


This factory expansion is much more than a simple extension of the premises. It reflects the vision of Mr. Chassé, the leader of Esquif, who aims to modernize the company and integrate new production methods to optimize efficiency. This initiative aligns with a sustainability approach, aiming to valorize plastic material in a more responsible manner. Mr. Chassé is also working on an innovative project: the creation of a creativity workshop dedicated to developing new products. This initiative holds a dual ambition as it promotes both innovation and plastic material reuse.

In the industrial sector, innovation often translates to process optimization. However, Esquif International goes further by investing in enhancing the customer experience. The company's showroom has undergone a significant transformation by using Tekboard Studio technology from the Feltkütur collection to improve the acoustic environment. The horizontally suspended Tekboard Studio panels not only feature an innovative design but also exceptional sound performance.

The decision to choose Tekboard Studio was driven by the desire to provide customers with a more enjoyable and focused experience when visiting the showroom. The acoustic panels of this technology are designed to ensure effective sound absorption, reducing unwanted noise and creating a more peaceful atmosphere. This improvement reflects Esquif's commitment to customer satisfaction and space enhancement.

In summary, the future of Esquif International looks promising. The factory expansion, new production methods, the creativity workshop project, and the showroom enhancement all demonstrate that the company is firmly oriented towards innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Esquif International serves as an inspiring example of how a company can evolve and thrive by investing in change and focusing on the quality of the customer experience.