Acoustic felt loyalty employee Michel



Michel Paré joined Texel in 1989. Upon his arrival, Texel had five production lines. From time to time, he saw the installation of Line 7, Line 8, Line 9, Line 10 and the last production line installed in 2020, Line 9A. He started as a Production Operator and was later appointed Production Coordinator. In 2007, he joined the research and development team as a R&D Technician. He was involved in the development of automotive components such as the thermoformable nonwoven Thermofit, the nonwoven scrims known as Versaflex. Since 2015, he has actively participated in the creation of the Feltkütur acoustic panels. The Düotex product has been produced since 1985. However, the technology was not adapted to the North American building codes. It was necessary to increase the acoustic performance and adapt the fiber blend to achieve the fire and smoke resistance performances of the ASTM-E-84 and CAN / ULC-S102 standards. All versions of the Düotex have since been created, such as peel and stick wall tiles (Düotex Tahmea), the honeycomb Tekboard composite often used as a component of phone booths and baffle systems.


It’s 31 years at Texel. 31 years of contributions. The contributions continue, because Michel is still active in the quest for new technologies. Texel Technical Materials, Inc. joined the Lydall family in 2016, which will allow Michel’s contributions to have a global impact.


Thank you, Michel.