Company Behind the Brand

Alkegen Behind Feltkütur


Alkegen brings together two of the world’s leading specialty materials companies to create one new, innovation-driven leader focused on battery technologies, filtration media, and specialty insulation and sealing materials. Through global reach and breakthrough inventions, we’re delivering products that enable the world to breathe easier, live greener, and go further than ever before.


Texel is now Alkegen.  The company retains its quebec roots, but will be able to benefit from new specialty materials technologies to become the world's most valued specialty materials platform dedicated to dedicated to human health & sustainability.

Feltkütur, pronounced "Felt" "Couture" as in "Haute-Couture" is a brand dedicated to acoustic solutions for interior spaces and office furniture applications. The Feltkütur product line offers a variety of creative acoustic solutions, while incorporating Alkegen's technical expertise and commitment to sustainability.


Feltkütur joins a worldwide family of more than 9600 employees at over 60 production sites.


The team behind Feltkütur is now part of the construction and advanced materials division of the Alkegen Group. Since 2015, the team has been designing various components related to this sector, among others, the acoustic underflooring range, the vinyl or TPO floor covering range, as well as the waterproof roofing membranes using PMMA technology. All these technologies have a structural and technical purpose. Since we provide acoustic solutions in different applications, our product development team has designed a new line of acoustic panels for the building and furniture market. Always keeping the focus on structural and technical capabilities, we have added a visual design aspect.

Through the alchemy of deep expertise, technological innovation, and unparalleled customer service, we generate world-class specialty materials and products.

Thanks to this new integration, the Feltkütur brand will be able to benefit from the group’s existing technologies such as Fyrewrap, Manniglas and many more.

Grow. Go Fast. Be passionate. Be Bold.  That’s Alkegen!