Wall panel felt CEOS



Our new wall tile model, Céos, is part of the new Gaïa acoustic tile collection, by Feltkütur.

Acoustical Wall Tiles

The Céos acoustic tile model offers a chevron-shaped pattern, representing a V. Originating from a weaving pattern, the design market has reinvented the chevron in order to make it a decorative element. One of the advantages of this pattern is the ease of integrating it into any decor. The zigzag lines will look beautiful wherever you decide to apply this model. This very original decorative pattern will enhance your design and enhance your environment. It is ideal for covering the walls of a restaurant.

Close up Ceos


Offering contrasting colors, this model offers a feeling of relaxation and comfort thanks to the Beige Percé color and also thanks to the three shades of grey: Saint-Sébastien, Westmont and Fermont. It allows for a perfect match with many design styles such as contemporary, modern and minimalistic.


The Acoustics

The artistic expression results from a marriage of two thicknesses, 6.4mm and 12.7mm, of our acoustic felt Düotex, but the three-dimensional effect allows to dampen the echo in the environment. The dissipation of acoustic energy from irregular cavities is not only due to its shape, but also depends on the properties of our Düotex acoustic felt (porosity, resistivity, etc.).


Thanks to the Düotex Tahmea, an adhesive technology applied to the back of the Düotex panel, and the use of the starter kit, the installation of the tiles is simplified!

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