Best western acoustical tiles


Office decor is an important topic for office workers. When you spend most of your working hours in this environment, you want it to be inspiring and beautiful. However, when it's not your home office, there's a certain limit to the decor options you can use.

Your office is the best place to design the walls and show your creativity. How? Well, this blog provides you with plenty of creative office wall decorating ideas that will increase your well-being and productivity in the office.

The Gaïa and Harmonie collections feature beautiful acoustic wall tile designs that can make your workspace a place of relaxation while improving your motivation. Discover our beautiful line of elegant acoustic tiles that enhance your office walls and add a touch of sophistication.

The Best Western in Quebec has installed our Pontos model from the Gaïa acoustical tiles collection, in their office. The Pontos acoustical tile pattern offers a brick-like visual when installed on walls. It allows you to create a rustic and modern atmosphere. Nothing better than a pattern of decorative interior bricks to offer a soothing and, by the same token, industrial atmosphere.

Our Tan Percé color is both soft and soothing and gives a classic touch to your work environment while upholding its sophistication.

The pictures on this page use our light beige acoustic felt, as well as other soothing shades of dark beige. The resulting design reminds occupants to look up and around, to focus on texture, touch, and even scent. By using non-distracting colors, the space is allowed to shine.