Acoustical Tekboard Beam


Tekboard Beam

The Tekboard Beam is an acoustic baffle system that absorbs and distributes sound waves in a room using its vertical panels. The acoustic baffles are made of a honeycomb structure and a porous, acoustically-absorbent Düotex.They are placed parallel to the ceiling. The primary function of the Tekboard Beam is to reduce the reverberation time, or "echo", of an environment by absorbing sound waves before they bounce off hard surfaces and generate unwanted noise.


The Tekboard Beam can be used to manage sound and increase speech intelligibility in open rooms such as meeting rooms, auditoriums, and industrial facilities. They are also utilized in recording studios and other environments where sound isolation and control are important.

This collection allows you to easily install the Tekboard Beam panels on the ceiling, freeing the walls of the room for your daily occupations or the addition of other acoustic products such as the Tekboard Studio.

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