Acoustical solution for workplaces

Acoustical Solutions for Workplaces



To design an office with a distinctive signature, a strong link must be established between the architecture, interior design and organizational culture. With the layout of the Solutions GA spaces, Feltkütur offers a new vision that combines design with a positive and assertive corporate image.

Located in Beauce, Solutions GA offers its IT services to businesses in the Chaudiere-Appalaches region and the Quebec City area. Since 2000, it has been recognized for its expertise and timeliness in meeting the expectations of its customers. Solutions GA has made it its mission to provide businesses with IT solutions that allows them to more effectively align their technologies with their business objectives.


Work office environment is changing

Feltkütur responds to this challenge by providing concrete answers in terms of a creative, dynamic and flexible work environment, while integrating acoustic solutions.

The absence of noise is one of the factors that contributes to the quality of life at work. Noise is the number one discomfort experienced by workers. Professionals would lose several minutes of work each day due to noise distractions.

Several considerations must often be taken into account, such as the distance between two workstations and the height of the desk dividers between the stations. The acoustic needs in this type of room change. For example, in some offices, a strategy is required to facilitate communication between employees. Less privacy means more distractions. Therefore, in contexts where concentration is required, more attention should be paid to the layout and dimensions of the partitions.


The use of acoustic panels, Düotex-Tahmea on the walls, in the form of acoustic tiles, reduces the speed of sound reverberation and promotes acoustic comfort in the workplace. Besides providing unparalleled sound absorption, also due to its large size, it offers the possibility of adapting space to several furnishing solutions with great variety and ease.

Our acoustic baffle systems have excellent sound absorption and durability. The suspended soundproofing panels of the Orion System have been designed and built to guarantee the best sound absorption performance, thanks to the acoustic performance of the 12mm Düotex.

Custom your Design

With a CNC cutting machine, you can quickly and easily cut a variety of desired shapes. It is also possible to create a personalized company logo.
Our number one goal is to satisfy customer’s needs for custom projects, in terms of technical felts and decorative felts.